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New DS3 owner, need some help!

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  • New DS3 owner, need some help!

    Bought a 2013 DS3 1.6 THP Dsport 4 weeks ago(love it but only driven it 3times), been in the garage 3 of them, Seems like the ECU connector is faulty(it runs awful, when the garage cleans the commector it runs fine for abit), have a auto-electrician looking at it, its not the ECU its self. Wondering if anyone has had any similar problems or might know what it could be? Would appreciate any sort or help. Thanks, Sam.

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    Hi Sam. In what way does it run awful? Misfiring engine- cutting out, or what?

    Ive never heard of faulty ECU connector- can the connector just be replaced

    Maybe fit another ECU connector from the same model DS3?

    Have you checked for fault codes, in case it is not the ECU connector?
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