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  • Respray or Diamond Cut

    Hi All,

    I'm new around here so forgive me if I am putting this post in the wrong place!

    I bought a DS3 back in June and got quite a bit of money of due to the front two bellone alloys being in not the best shape. You can tell the previous owner occasionally curbed the car and certain parts are starting to show surface corrosion. After doing some digging it seems like my options are getting them resprayed all one colour or getting them diamond cut to their original condition. The respray is much cheaper (in my area anyway) but I'm not sure how they would look!

    What do you think is the better option for the longevity of the alloys for the price? If any of you have any pictures of the bellone's resprayed all one colour i would greatly appreciate it!


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    Not a good photo, wheel is heavily marked but you get the idea

    I'm not a fan of painted Bellones, it takes the edge off them

    You could always try refurb the wheels yourself- look at utube
    Involves wet and dry paper, lacquer and some elbow grease

    Ive done them before, they come up OK, from 6ft away you wouldnt notice they were DIYed. Closer you would

    Or just cover up the kerbing with RIMBLADES or ALLOYGATORS

    Jog on Noddy