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  • Heaters no cold aie

    Hi all,

    So I had an issue about 6 weeks back where my A/c stopped working and I could see the air coming out the vents. I took the car in for an air conditioning service after which the a/c worked lovely again. After a week I went away for work for three weeks, when I came back I drove the car for maybe 25 miles with everything working fine, then the car started to feel warm.
    The a/c started to not function again. I turned off the a/c and can't even get any cold air from the fans. It heats up fine and I can get warm air but nothing cold.
    Anyone any ideas? Surly it can't be the air con gas as that was replaced at the air con service. Soooo before I take it in (and spend more money into of the £180 the service cost) I want to see if there is anything I can check myself.
    Thanks I'm advance

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    Sounds like a leak. Aiir-con specialists can put a dye into the system which will hopefully show were the leak is located.