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Why do people with ADHD, ADD

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  • Why do people with ADHD, ADD

    I don't really know. Maybe in people with ADHD it may have a calming effect. Marijuana in many people can induce paranoid ideation and in higher doses it can act as a mild hallucinogenic. Since many people with schizophrenia have paranoia, excessive suspiciousness and hallucinations it would seem to me that marijuana could worsen these symptoms. I know that there's a disproportionately higher percent of nicotine dependence among people with schizophrenia. It appears that nicotine may in fact help reduce some of their symptoms.

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    Anxiety is basically a nervous feeling. Non-specific or specific worrying. Go to to get the best definition. The worst thing you can do for anxiety is to take xanax or valium. Over the years, regular use will weaken your heart and make your anxiety worse. Your doc will never tell you this bc they receive kickbacks on prescriptions.
    Acne is the word that can give any person a nightmare. Imagine the pain when you wake up with a pimple on your face that pain is awful and you just want to hide somewhere. When we wake up with a pimple on our face we find ways to remain at home and deal with the acne.