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DRL Installation (upgrade), something is missing....

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  • DRL Installation (upgrade), something is missing....

    Hi guys

    i am new on the forum. This is my first post.

    I hope i will find someone that made this operation before.

    I own an 2013 DS3 HDI.

    The car was not factory fitted with DRL led lights. As i have some technical knowledge and Lexia software and interface, i decide is time to make an upgrade.

    I bought from e-bay a complete DRL set (LED lights, harnesses and fog lamps). The installation was pretty easy. I removed the factory fog light and hardness and i installed the e-bay set. All hardware seems to be ok. The old (factory) harness had connectors only with two wires (for fog lamps) and the new (e-bay) have connectors with three wires (negative, positive for fog, positive for DRL).

    I start communication with the BSI via Lexia (DiagBox part) and activated over the LIGHTING tab, the "dedicated Day Running Lights" but i was not able to see the LED lamps work. There is a "Customisation Options" where you can change some things about cars option's like; rear wiper on at reverse,

    I tried all the combinations possible in BSI (with or without side-lamps).

    I have just think about there maybe is a fuse that have to be fitted additionally. In engine fuse box, all seems to be ok. Fuse nr. F4 which is "dedicated" for LED lights looks good. This is a 20Amps fuse which is a little bit strange for LED lamps but i think this is shared with headlight washers (where fitted).

    If is there anyone that made this upgrade before, i will really appreciate some hints to try.

    Thank you so much to community