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    I Purchased DS3 Dsport 1.6thp as a daily driver November 2018 I was surprised at the standard of build I expected the car to be the same build quality as our previous Citroen mk1 C3 1.6D poor at best  and a nightmare to work on....... how wrong was I, after seeing a few posts on here about Jamie at Sp Tuning I had Jamie carry out a walnut clean and a stage one remap, Jamie done the walnut clean which the engine badly needed Jamie said the car  already has a stage one map by Quantum , I thought the car was a bit lively for 150hp but I  never driven one before so I had nothing to compare it to. I had already bought an Airtec intercooler and forged induction kit Jamie fitted the induction kit at the same time as doing the walnut blast. I later fitted the intercooler again surprised at the space available making working on the car quite easy.

    This Saturday Feb 2nd I am heading up to Jamie to fit a decat pipe and to go for  a stage two remap.

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    does anyone know how to prevent all the $%&*#  rubbish when I  post