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  • Mattie's DSport

    Thought i may aswell start one as ive had a lil play with the DS last few weeks.

    Colour is self explanatry, Engine is the 110 HDi

    Heres a few pics after i picked it up.

    Before anything was done had it RR to give me a base figure Came out at 118bhp & 195lb ft

    Tiny Aerial was then Fitted

    HID's 6k So pretty much bright white

    Picked her back up from garage today, notice owt missing??

    Work was top notch and wasnt a bad price too!!

    It's hiding in the boot

    And a small decal i had left over from my old track car
    Also the pressed plates too

    Next on the list is Remap and possible upgrade of brakes ready for track :cool:

    Comments Welcome!

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    So Mattie You've Removed The DPF ?

    How Is It ? As When One Of The Other Guys Did This It Put The Car Into Limp Mode ?...

    Obvz I Want To Do This So What Extactly was Their Method ?


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      Yea Zack DPF has gone, only been able to drive it home (5 miles) Did have EML on and a message on screen WARNING Engine Fault Repait Immediatly

      But other than that drive home fine, felt like there was more pull but i'm not sure. Best part soo far is that i can hear the turbo spool up now sounds amazing!!

      afaik they just unolted the DPF of the turbo, unclipped the connection and replaced the pipe with a straight through. I wasnt there to see the process tho


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        It'll Be Interesting To See What The Results Are + After A New RR...

        What I've Booked Mine In For Is To Keep The DPF There So All The Sensors Are Still Connected But To Have All Of The Insides Taken Out So Its Pretty Much Just A Box...


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          Yea i see what you mean, i was going to do that but then thought what if i need to put it back in,
          I've heard they aint cheap so for £130 i can have a new down pipe made and keep the DPF incase.

          Will hopefully be getting it Remapped next few weeks, with before and after results so should be able to see if it makes a difference


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            Good Stuff ! Remember To Post Results !