Hey all,

Apologies if there's a better place for this.

I've had a 13 reg DS3 1.6 diesel for a few months. All has been fine and running great. Yesterday whilst driving on the motorway I had an esp/asr fault and warning pop up, along with an engine fault and the service light. Power dropped (into limp mode I think, but pulled over fairly rapidly). First few times I restarted (stationary) the warning lights persisted, then around 10 minutes later there were no signs of problems. Managed to get it home and it drove absolutely fine. Had the RAC out anyway. It was fairly inconclusive, he suggested that perhaps there had been a loose connection with the accelerator, and that he 'thought he felt it click into place'. Given the nature of what had happened he suggested getting it looked over at a garage to be safe.

Anyway, followed that up, all errors were temporary, they flushed it, took it for a drive and it was all fine and the conclusion was to just carry on and see how it goes, not able to point to anything actually at fault. It continues to drive fine.

However, perhaps related, I've noticed on a couple of occasions the revs are limited when in neutral, at more or less exactly 2k. Read around and this seems to be an intended feature in newer cars, particularly German ones, but can't see much mention of it being intended in the DS3, and anyhow, it doesn't seem to do it all of the time. This has happened twice to my knowledge, most recently this morning. I don't make a habit of revving in neutral, so no idea how persistent this is.

Error codes from the original diagnostic below:

DTC: P1AA2,Voltage retaining device, internal fault
DTC: P2137,Accelerator pedal position sensor
DTC: P11B4,Accelerator pedal position sensor
DTC: P2140,Incoherence between the tight spot signal and the accelerator pedal position

Anyone experience anything similar? I trust the garages word and advice that they would continue to drive - would've been easier for them to flog me a new pedal I suppose, but I'm intrigued as to what the nature of the problem actually is.

If it's important, it was fairly wet on the road, I was in 5th and cruising at about 60-70 when the fault appeared.

Thanks for any help or insight!