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  • Flashing touch screen

    Hello! The touch screen on my DS3 has frozen and flickers from the home screen to a blank screen every 3 or so seconds. I have called up Bristol street (where I brought the car) and they can’t fit me in until the 30th Jan. I have booked that however I am strugging with the flashing as I am driving especially when it is dark outside. I wondered if there was a simple way to turn the screen fully off? Maybe a cable somewhere I can disconnect. The touchscreen is completely out of use so I can’t turn it off like normal. I have tried unplugging the main battery. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    The dashboard isn't particularly hard to get of with the help of some plastic spudging tools. The screen itself is just a couple screws and then you could disconnect it and pop the dash back in. Maybe you'll get lucky and find the connector is loose and that's your problem. 20 minute job I'd say. The only fiddle is that you have to remove some of the surrounding plastic first, like the piece around the binnacles and maybe the centre console?

    There are pictures of how to get the dash off in this forum somewhere. I think in the modding section under one of the radio mods (maybe changing the monochrome screen from a to c?).


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      (can't edit my own post ?)

      The guide to removing the dash is in DS3 Technical > How to Guides > how to remove dash panel.

      The pictures aren't hosted any more, but you can still kind of see what's going on, and the text describes what you need to do. See below.