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Front end knock

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  • Front end knock

    Today out of nowhere I have a loud banging/ knocking coming from front passenger side and you can sometimes feel it through the steering wheel and or gear stick. Had a brief look and can’t see anything obvious broken in the way of drop links, lower arms etc. Happens when I hit bumps or imperfections in the road and sometimes when I change gear. Can’t work out if it is suspension or something like wheel bearing or driveshaft related? Any ideas would be a massive help as not sure if it is still safe to drive.

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    first of all- check the wheel nuts are tight
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      Hi and welcome to the forum. Have a look at the front suspension mounts and springs. Could also be the wheel bearings.
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        Welcome to the forum

        I've had a coil spring go on our DS3. We took it to our regular garage and when they inspected the vehicle and they claimed nothing was wrong and it could potentially be the gearbox causing the knocking. (I personally think they wasn't interested as they were busy at the time but I'd have been happier if the garage was simply honest, rather than fobbing me off)

        Anyway, I chose to get a second opinion at a different garage regarding the loud bang I heard, I left the car with them and within 15 minutes I got a phone call to say coil spring was broken. I chose not to mention the knocking noise to begin with and on the quick test drive after fitting the coil spring the mechanic said, there's a knocking noise which is being caused by the driveshaft,
        after having a look he said
        it will cause me no issues short term
        but long term I
        should get it replaced. (The knocking occurred when the steering wheel was turned and the vehicle was moving) It was booked in 2 days later and the driveshaft was replaced.... no more knocking noises

        Whether it was a lack of expertise or lack of honesty, I refuse to go back to my previous garage.