So this all started a few months back after some heavy rain. My front wipers would stop working intermittently but it got worse.
At the same time I noticed sloshing water sounds coming from my bonnet and my blowers were sounding congested. After a while I checked the scuttle drain and sure enough it was flooded. Poked some leaves and gunk blocking the outlet and it drained.
Since then the wipers have totally stopped. I know the fuse and motor haven't blown as when reversing the rear wiper is coming on even when all wipers are set to off. This only happens when the front wipers are on usually so there's some sort of power short going on there.
Checking the scuttle drain again I noticed a small set of wires that I'm assuming are the wiper cables. The water seemed to keep them going but since draining they've oxidized (guard has receded slightly and exposed cable is white).
I could be totally wrong it just seems coincidental. I have relatively little mechanical knowledge but when I give things a go and they generally work out.
Has this happened to anyone else? What could I do short of giving it to a garage?
The car is being traded in soon, I would rather get the blades working but I can't justify sinking garage-level money into it.
Any advice is appreciated!