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    Hi all,

    I had an engine fault light appear recently, and my usual garage has reported 3 codes (inc knock sensor issues, and synchronisation problems between engine speed sensor and camshaft sensor)
    They suggested only way to know further is mechanical strip down, and suspect new timing belt etc needed circa £8k
    i had a new knock sensor less than 12 months ago and now suspect this was an incorrect code read too - anyone experienced anything like the above who can shed any light/make a suggestion?

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    Hi CharlieN ,

    I suggest you should buy and OBD Code Reader first or a OBD bluetooth device and start from there. The 8.000 pounds for just a mechanical strip down is ridiculous !


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      are you sure they were charging £8000 for a fault investigation and repair cost?

      Go to Citroen who will investigate the fault, detail it, send you a video, and come up with fully itemised cost of repair for around £150
      Jog on Noddy


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        Sorry - big mistake on my typing! £800 (not £8k!) was for strip down and their assumption of what they would find, they were trying to warn me of an expected cost.
        I was thinking of going to an approved specialist for a more specific fault reading, rather than allowing the garage to just start investigating.