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How to locate MAP sensor on DS3 2013

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  • How to locate MAP sensor on DS3 2013

    Hi guy's

    I was wondering if anyone can help. My car has broken down, the error code came back as the Manifold absolute pressure sensor. I bought a new one,but cannot for the life of me locate the MAP on the engine. Can anyone help?

    thanks Bobby.

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    Hi Bobby,

    The MAP sensor should be the one behind your air filter box if you lift up your air filter box once its loose you can see the sensor. Its easier to take the whole air filter box out

    This link shows you how to get there:


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      Hi mate,

      thanks for the info, really appreciate it.
      going to do this right now. Fingers xed.


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        Hi DS3-NL

        I've taken off the full air filter and there doesn't seem to be a MAP underneath it. If I knew how to post a photo of it I would. There is a long thin plastic rod running along the very top of the underneath of air filter at top of manifold,, fuel line? Underneath that there is something that is plugged in, but I can't get to it, but don't look like the MAP.


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          What kind of engine do you have (engine code)?


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            It's a DS3 VTI 120 D Style+ I think the engine code is 5FS (EP6C)


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              Hi Bobby,

              Since i didn't know it was a VTi instead of a THP they are Both on a different place. Here is a link to see where the MAP sensor is on your VTi



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                Thank you so much mate. I've been pulling my hair out for the last couple of days...I really appreciate the help.


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                  Let me know if you found the MAP sensor


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                    Hi mate, so I should find it hiding somewhere down the left hand side of the manifold?


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                      When you stand in front of your engine bay it should be on the right hand side of your engine (intake manifold)


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                        OK thanks, will have to wait until morning too dark now. But I'll let you know asap when, not if, I find it.

                        many thanks.