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THP engine breakage: Turbo + timing chain + power loss on acceleration + cold-start

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  • THP engine breakage: Turbo + timing chain + power loss on acceleration + cold-start

    This site is a small gathering of people experiencing distribution problems on THP 1.6 engines. (EP6 PRINCE 1.6)
    A shift in the distribution appear gradually and results in destruction of the engine.
    At best your engine will go into degraded mode and operate with reduced power, the worse it will break.


    Others sources: (207 THP/GT) (207 GT) (MINI COOPER S & J C WORKS )

    This is a transcript of a Radio France emission: In France we are starting to get the problem recognised; we are fighting to be heard.

    A Jean Remy MACCHIA Chronicle:

    Gasoline engine Peugeot-Citroën / Mini 1.6l question regarding reliablilty:

    This is not an epidenic, nor a sacrifice (not sure of that bit) as with the 1.5l DCI engine from Renault installed on the Scenic and Grand Scenic 2003-2004. None the less there is some repetitivity to the technical fault which affects the functioning of this 1.6l engine.
    An engine you will find on some Citroën C3, C4, C5, DS 3, DS 4, and also on some Peugeot 207, 308, 3008, 508, 5008, and on all of the Minis.

    What's happening to this engine?

    A concern over the timing chain. The metal timing chain is an engineering choice made in place of a rubber timing belt, to eliminate the risk of breakage, and is expected to last the life of the car without any signifigant maintenance.
    On this modern engine released in 2006, there is in fact a concern over the hydraulic timing chain tensioner.

    First you hear a metalic sound. More often in cold weather. At the start the noise goes away as the engine warms up.

    At this point one should already be alerting the brand representative (a Mini SA for us)

    Otherwise the concerns become worse...?

    Exactly. If you don't visit the representative, the noises amplify, with clacking that doesn't go away once the engine has warmed up.

    Now you have an engine where the timing chain is not held in place properly. This allows the valves to open out of synch...
    In the end you have an engine that doesn't work correctly, with losses in power, and it can go worse.

    First, you can have a badly worn timing chain (''stretched'' more precisely?), which will require replacement, but that's not the worst that can happen.

    There is a risk of engine failure, a low risk, but it did happen to Frédéric. To his 207.

    How are the manufacturers involved responding?

    Meaning Citroën, Peugeot and BMW - on their Mini model. First they minimise the extent of the problem. Even if the engine failures aren't frequent, they do happen none the less to some cars, and particularly to those that have a turbo. For example on some Citroën or Peugeot « THP » and the Mini Cooper S.

    At the factory, the tensioner in question was modified in 2010.
    After sale, the attitudes differ amongst the 3 manufacturers.
    Replacement of the tensioner costs between 180-200 €.
    Replacing the chain costs between 700 and 950 €, and all these "cures" are only partially covered by the manufacturers. This despite insistant calls to After Sales Services (Warranty department?).
    And the responsibility taken, if there is an engine to change, is only partial.

    Podcast --> ...MY CAR IS PEUGEOT 207 tHpDI 1.6 GRIFFE LACERTA

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    Oh dear !


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      What about the numerous reports of detonation and blown piston rings/valves/holed cylinders?


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        has any of this ever happened to a DS3? As the changes were made in 2010 you would think our engine was sorted. It hasn't stopped people buying m#n#'s. it would be all over the papers. Unless Hannah at Citroen knows different (tell all on sunday)


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          Originally posted by Hannah View Post
          What about the numerous reports of detonation and blown piston rings/valves/holed cylinders?
          (5character limit?
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            This would explain why my timing chain was replaced as soon as my turbo was dropping out but it never fixed it. The fault was then linked to the head gasket blowing and then to the cylinder head. Once they were both changed the problem was and is still there.

            how interesting . . .


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              If this was ever a stronger case for 'Camp Diesel' then I don't know what is!
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                DS3 FRENCH LINK :


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                  should i be worried with my 60 plate THP ??
                  i dont fancy any of this happening to my car :-/


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                    Sorry to bring this thread up, just wondering if they have ever upgraded the engine to avoid these problems.

                    2006 Peugeot 206 1.6 110hp (Sold)
                    2002 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 Turbo 230hp (Sold)
                    2003 Honda S2000 2.0 240hp (Sold)
                    2012 Citroen DS3 Sport 1.6 Turbo 165hp (Current)


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                      children deseases? Such a pitty for such a beautiful car
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                        I've written to citroen demanding (in a nice way) to extend my 4th year warranty for free. Bet's I dont hear back?
                        The car is currently in the garage being fixed, again.....

                        I will speak to the dealer tomorrow about making an official complaint/requesting a free warranty extention.


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                          First ever post...
                          My ds3 thp is currently in the garage over the above issues. At first they stated that an oil change would solve it. I'm now waiting for Cuk to make a decision on the matter. Hope this isn't the start of a 'chain' of problems


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                            Hi GriffLah- welcome to the club
                            What years you DS3? Hope all goes well
                            Jog on Noddy


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                              Have any of these issues been reported cars built from 2012 onwards?