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  • DS3 possible purchase

    Hi All

    Thanks for letting me join.

    I am considering buying a DS3. I live in Croatia and need a small car for small country roads, together with a bit of bridleway driving to get to favourite beaches.

    The car I just sold was a Suzuki Ignis.

    Could I ask advice from members please on their views about the car I'm interested in?

    It is a 2013 model registered April 2013 and has done 67,000 (equivalent) miles 1.6 VTi 120 with CAB roof, alloy wheels and sport chassis. I understand this has stiffer suspension than regular chassis, but may be better for unmetaled roads. It has been services from new by the local dealer and the log book stamped.


    The manual is in Croatish. Are English manuals available online?

    Are there any known problems? eg the electric sunroof?

    When buying are there areas to look at for wear/tear etc?

    Thanks for reading...

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    Hi and welcome to the club and forum. The DSport and DSport+ models do have stiffer suspension, but it is still comfortable whilst road handling is very good, providing the tyres are decent too.

    You can pick up the English versions of the manuals easily enough online through eBay.

    When you say sunroof, do you mean the cabriolet model? If so, make sure that the roof runners have been well lubricated and continue to be done at regular intervals as if these seize it's very expensive to get fixed, or replaced if it does break down entirely and needs replacing.

    Wear and tear wise, look for paint bubbles underneath the wing mirrors, check oil and coolant levels, as the VTi can drink alot of both, springs need to be checked over as they can crack, alloys can corrode near the centre caps.

    Apart from that they are cracking cars and if well looked after, will give you years of fun driving.
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