Alas, the time has come to part company with the DS3. I've has 3 of them over the last 8 years: I started with the 155bhp D Sport, moved to the 165bhp when they upped the output and now I'm finishing my DS3 love affair with the 210bhp Performance. I really am hating the idea of parting with her in March, she's given me nearly 4 years of fun and smiles. Next to my first car and first love... the Mk1 Golf GTi it has to be my favourite drive for shear driving fun.
They say that Spitfire pilots in WW2 didn't get into their aircraft, they just strapped them on because it was such a finely-tuned partnership between man and machine. That's how I feel about 'Tizzy'... (TZY Reg). After 4 years of driving her, I swear she knows what I'm going to do before I do and gives me every ounce of power and grip she has.
I'd love to keep her as 'the other car'... just for the occasional bit of naughtiness at weekends but it's not practical; so, sadly, in March, when my new car arrives, she'll be back in the market and I just hope whoever gets her knows how to treat her right.
As for me... It'll be a bitter-sweet moment cos the new girl is a John Cooper Works Mini Hatch. I had an interesting, and unaccompanied, test drive of one the other week (Thanks to Covid restrictions) and, whilst it's a great car to drive, it's a very different drive to Tizzy; partly because she's the car equivalent of a dress size 12 where Tizzy was a size 10! So whilst she can move as lively as Tizzy, she needs a 2-litre donk to do it. But she's that bit more refined and that bit more with it when it comes to tech and toys. So, the plan is to keep her for 3 years and, hopefully, in that time, we'll bond and become just as big a nuisance as Tizzy and I to the 40-mph everywhere brigade up here in Northumberland as we tear past...