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  • Reliability!

    New to DS3's here, so asking for some opinions.

    I've been looking to get a Sport+ for a while, and finally saved enough to do so. The first I looked at was more oil than engine, and have warning lights galore! the second one I loved. I bought, only for 2 weeks later, the engine warning light to come on in that too! As such, the car is being returned for a full refund.

    So, my question is - have I just had bad luck, or are DS3's usually this unreliable?

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    depends on model, mileage and how its been looked after

    look for one that's been regularly serviced, and owned by an enthusiast

    Some have been thrashed all their lives- find one that hasn't- even then a used one can be a lottery as with any car
    Jog on Noddy


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      Got my citreon ds3 dsport plus 1.6 2015 plate 3 yrs ago, and it never let me down once till last week, and the battery finally died, after only doing local drives only..So cant really complain tbh, but it did coast me 145 quid for new battery..
      But then again, mine has only 16.850 on clock, got it had only done 14.500 miles, but it gets serviced every yr regardless of low miles...Oil/filters get changed, even tho its clean as...
      When i say low miles, i mean low miles....Last yr only done 780 miles lol....