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DS3 62 Plate Sport Limp Mode / ECU Help ??

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  • DS3 62 Plate Sport Limp Mode / ECU Help ??

    Hi Guys my Wifes DS3 Sport (62 plate) went into Limp Mode recently and error code came up was injector cylinder 3 , we replaced injector but now when she accelerates quick out of 1st gear it throws it back into limp mode and engine light stays on . also fan kicks in and feels ropey also noticed the Fuel indicator is all over the place shows say 100 miles then drops to 70 then back up to say 90 miles ? just wondering if anyone had same issues , possible ECU fault ?? Hope can advise Thanks in advance .

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    Hi mhell70 ,

    Could you maybe post some fault codes that the car shows you with a obd2 reader, it could be alot of things.