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    Wasn't quite sure if I should put this into the mods section as it is more of gadget accessory rather than a mod to the actual car.

    Anyway, have had a dashcam just suction mounted onto the window up until this point, but unplugging and plugging it in each time from the glove box was driving me mad and sometime I just forgot or thought "nah", which was kind of defeating the point of it in the first place and sods law an accident would bound to happen when I forgot or decided not to plug it in so decided to get a more permanent solution and got BlackVue's DR650s dash cam, as well as a hard wiring solution and a battery pack. This allows the webcam to stay powered on after you've parked up and got out, only had it a week or so now and I've been driving really short journey's so the battery pack hasn't got a chance to fully charge but it has lasted 14 hours so far from a short charge. The battery is charging from the car of course but still continues to charge and draw power from the car by being hard wiring into the fuse box and an additional box which is on a timer to draw for 6 hours after the engine is turned off, or until the box detects the car battery is getting too low to start the car.

    It also connects to either a wireless dongle, so if someone else is driving the car or you've parked it somewhere you can use your smartphone to remotely get a live view of the dashcam and see what it see's, as well as motion and impact detection notifications. So far really impressed with it, hopefully never have to use it as evidence for an accident to my own car but with all the dashcam footage you see these days of even other people's crashes and so on, thought it was time I got a decent one. Especially being a new driver, don't want anyone blaming me for an accident they caused, at least I will have video evidence.

    Also please try to ignore the state of the carpets, it was given a very decent hoover and clean the other day and looks much better now! :P

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    How do you find the footage & how long did it take to install.

    Very interested in having a dashcam, and this model is one that came up when I asked a local installer.


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      Originally posted by jagillham View Post
      How do you find the footage & how long did it take to install.

      Very interested in having a dashcam, and this model is one that came up when I asked a local installer.
      You can either access it via the cloud, I have mine connect to my home network when I am at home for a faster connection and remove footage if I want it this way. You can however connect to the camera directly with your phone and download the clips to your phone and then onto your PC, or you can of course just remove the SD card and take the files off that way. It didn't take that long to install, maybe an hour or two if you do it yourself and order all the bits ready to go, or even less if your only installing the dashcam and not hard wiring it in.


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        Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry, I didn't literally mean how do you find it!

        What I was trying to say was what do you think about the footage quality?

        I'm getting AutoDAB installed, so was thinking about having the dashcam done at the same time.


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          Hahaha now I've read your post again I realise how obvious it was what you meant, how embarrassing.

          The footage is pretty good, very clear and easily clear enough to see cars and even number plates. I would highly recommend getting a polarised lense, you can get these specially made for the dashcam on eBay which greatly helps in really sunny conditions and reduce dashboard glare in the footage. A little expensive but worth it.

          I will upload a little sample from my dashcam if you want later today with the polarising lense on.

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