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  • LJM
    started a topic Ds3 faults?

    Ds3 faults?


    I've had a few faults with my 66 plate DS3 prestige and I was wondering if any fellow DS3 owners have had the same problem?...
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  • R300 Ellis
    started a topic Rally graphics

    Rally graphics

    Hi guys first poster here, has anyone got a dsport with any of the r3 rally decals from street Looking to get some for my report red preferably...
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  • Nicolebodgersxo
    started a topic DS3 2017 N/S rear Lamp

    DS3 2017 N/S rear Lamp

    hi there, I donít know whether Iím posting in the right place as itís my first time posting on here

    I recently got my DS3 in December...
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  • Redrum
    started a topic Hello, new DS3 owner from Essex/Cambs borders

    Hello, new DS3 owner from Essex/Cambs borders

    Hi, traded in my MG3 for a DS3 diesel last month, should have really test drove the ds3 before I got the mg methinks. I'm much preferring it and is a...
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  • Slater1995
    started a topic Live Remap DS3 165

    Live Remap DS3 165

    Hi guys, looking for a place which does a live (rolling road) remap for a Ds3 165bhp. Closest to north London is preferable. Is this something Jamie @...
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  • Fabfed93
    started a topic My new DS3 DSport Airdream e-HDi

    My new DS3 DSport Airdream e-HDi

    Hello all! I've just part ex'd my BMW 120d Msport for this beauty! Many happy miles to come!

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  • lzsilva
    started a topic SMEG iv2 Navigation

    SMEG iv2 Navigation

    Hello everyone.

    I bought a second hand SMEGiv2 on ebay and installed it on a ds3 and realize that it doesnít the navigation icon.
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  • SiPhyliss
    started a topic Airtec Intercooler

    Airtec Intercooler


    One airtec intercooler, with all the pipes and fitting instructions. Lower intake air temperatures means denser air and bigger...
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  • Highdigi
    started a topic Icccr 2016

    Icccr 2016

    Just wanted to share an event that is happening in August if you would like to really do something special this year and experience the heritage of Citroen...
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  • What is an induction kit? - Torque7 Blog

    What is an induction kit? - Torque7 Blog

    Posting on behalf of Arthur from Torque7, who's skill and ingenuity was key in the development of their DS3 Induction kit.
    Arthur has been very busy recently what with moving workshop, fixing up old bangers and developing new products for the tuning world but he's found time in his busy schedule to try and demystify the science behind the purpose of induction kits.

    We repeatedly have been asked questions such as - what is an induction kit and why GSR induction kits are so special? Oh, and let's not forget comments like "overpriced plain silicone hose"...
    Usually, people refer to or like to call a plain cone filter an "induction kit". But it's not. Actually, it's nowhere near an induction kit. It's just a filter. An induction kit is much more than that.

    Most cars have air filters fitted in an enclosed air box. The majority of these filter elements are made from paper, which filters out dust particles from the air and prevents these from
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  • Mikie96
    started a topic DS3R Modifications

    DS3R Modifications

    Hi Guys! First time posting on here so need some advice really!

    Bought a DS3 Racing 3 months ago, within having it for 2 weeks, number...
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  • Can my DS3 have 18" without any messing around?


    I have red edition DS3 2013, I'm after the DS3R wheels (same as the DS5)s. Although I can't find any DS3R allys for sale at a good price...
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  • BennettDS3
    started a topic Footwell lights.

    Footwell lights.

    Hey guys thought I'd update u on my ds3.
    Just done my sun strip and exhaust.
    I want to change my footwell lights to blue.
    Can I just...
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  • diadem
    started a topic Fort William - Command Memorial

    Fort William - Command Memorial

    Weather really cleared up this afternoon so couldn't help myself!
    Went out and forgot to grab my SD cards so couldnt use the DSLR sadly. Fort william...
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  • Fun with plastidip , badges, grills and headlight brows

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