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Wanted: DS3 badge

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  • Wanted: DS3 badge

    Hello all,

    I don't know if someone has one of these knocking about maybe from when they debadged their car or maybe have links with breakers but I'm after the number 3 from the rear badge of a DS3.

    Since the face lift, the rear doesn't have a 3 and I'd like one. Not the Halfords one, the small one next to the DS logo.

    To buy the full rear badge from Citreon it's 30 so if someone could help me out, that would be great as that's abit pricey just for the number 3. Thanks!

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    Might be tricky finding just the "3", but there are some badges for sale on eBay that are gonna need some sticky backs. Not ideal, but cheap as chips atm. Might be worth a punt.
    DS3 DSport eHDi 145 - Stage 1 with K&N - Shark Grey & Infinite Blue​​​​​​


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      You know me, ebay hunter yet I clearly couldn't see the wood from the trees with that one!

      Perfect, bid in. Let's see what happens!


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        Go to eBay - search 'DS3 breaking' and find the cars with the 3 logo still on them and drop them a message.

        I just found a few with it still on after a very quick search.