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Frost PURE 1:2000 Premium Car Shampoo

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  • Frost PURE 1:2000 Premium Car Shampoo

    Frost PURE 1:2000 Premium Car Shampoo

    Frost PURE Premium Shampoo is a true detailer’s dream product.

    The most important stage of detailing your car is the wash process. We know that to achieve the ultimate finish at the end, you have to use great products at the beginning. We believe our Frost PURE Premium Shampoo is unrivalled in today’s car detailing market.

    Frost PURE Premium Shampoo is a highly concentrated shampoo – with a high dilution ratio of 1:2000 – its pH neutral formula is designed to be gentle on paint and wax sealant layers that have already been applied to your vehicle.

    It gently breaks down the build-up of dirt from the vehicles surface, allowing you to wash your car in the safest way possible.

    Frost PURE Premium Shampoo will be most effective when used as part of the two stage wash process. Without compromise we sourced the best quality raw ingredients, while maintaining an incredibly great product for car detailing enthusiasts and professional detailers alike.


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    Looks tasty!
    My DS3R3... nearly....
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      Love the bottle!!

      Blue Phoenix
      DStyle+ 1.6 e-HDi


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        Looks good maybe more than tempted come the summer and i work through some of my other products
        Stupidity built in at no extra cost


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          An awesome shampoo and yet another new addition to CYR about to land
          Andy DS3 Club's Resident OCD Detailer!
          Take a pride in your ride


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