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FOR SALE - 2012 DS3 DSPORT+ 155THP For Sale 37kmiles,Yellow.

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  • FOR SALE - 2012 DS3 DSPORT+ 155THP For Sale 37kmiles,Yellow.

    I was just about to finish putting advert on autotrader then thought to myself i will put it on here first for a few days just incase someone who will appreciate it more is looking to but on below is basically the advert i filled out for autotrader

    Genuine reason for sale"unable to drive due to new medication"Very good condition,in last 3k miles car has had new front discs/pads, 4 new tyres,walnut blast engine clean and a new clutch.BOV adaptor.Ihave only used premium unleaded since owning.If sells for pricewill include full kit for next service,5 litre Total ecs oil,4ngk spark plugs,MANN oil and pollen filters.also included in price are spare parts of the most common issues, so spare HPFP,4 coil packs and vvt solonoid.Very reluctant sale but cant justify having it stand around for 1 year waiting for me.Unmarked Interior and has been wasked every 2 weeks so paintwork and bodywork also in excellent condition. Will not disappoint. quick sale needed so open to sensible offers only please.

    As said in the above advert i am gutted to be selling it as i have just got all the service bits ready in advance,so they will be included as long as i dont get knocked down too much on price!Same goes for the HPFP etc.

    Sine i have had the car purchased 17/9/2018 it has never failed to start or broken down, it occausionally has a lumpt idle when warming up but goes once at full temp,seems to be quite a common quirk of the engine, some suggested could be fuel pump so when i got a chance tp get one out of a crash damaged low mileage car i got it as a safety net since the HPFP seems to be somthing that is one of the more common issues.I have had seat covers over the front leather seats to make sure they didnt get damages and as said in advert got the car washed every 2 weeks or so to keep it from getting any marks from bird Poo. Any questions just message me here or email me at

    The car is located in northampton and the autotrader recommended price is 4780,so ill be putting it on autotrader for 4800, but ill be looking for 4500 for buyers from here if your are quick as i would ideally like to get it sold before end of month so i can cancel insurance and everything as i have nowhere to keep it off road so its costing me a fortune.

    Apoogies for my pictures i am not very good at taking them.Any questionsfeel free to ask, for payment would prefer cash obviously or internet bank transfer, please no cons or asking to pay extra to have it shipped abroad or sending extra money by mistake etc,none of those scams, thats main reason i have put it on here first rather than Autotrader as it is full of dodgy buyers, would rather get a few hundred quid less and not have to deal with it all.

    Price 4500 and at that price includes spare HPFP,4 coil packs,vvt solonoied and also the parts for next service 5 litres Total Ineo ecs,oil and pollen filters plus 4 NGK spark plugs.If lower price is asked for may not include above parts and i will sell seperately if needed.

    Pictures hopefully below, link to gallery with same pics plus few more

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      Great looking car. Shame you have to sell it and good luck with the sale.
      DS3 DSport eHDi 145 - Stage 1 with K&N - Shark Grey & Infinite Blue​​​​​​


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        Yep, if I didnt already have one...
        very nice
        Jog on Noddy


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          thanks bud, yeah im totally gutted, i have been treating it like my child, i really wish i could keep it but my sister needs a 4 dor for the family. such is life i guess


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            Been offered a deal towards another car for my sister of about 4k but I would rather have the money to be able to give myself and sister a bit more freedom so if anyone wants a bit more of a bargain they can have it for 4k cash including all the spare bits etc. Cheers


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              that deal seems to have fell thru, with my sister not realy wanted the car that was in the deal so new price as it should be going to a car buying company for 3750,would rather it went to a good home put im running out of time as new insurance etc comes out on the 1st june


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                car now sold from somewhere else, sad to see go.Someone has got a bargain. Still got the spare parts to sell tho for a bit of sweety money. thanks