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  • New DS3 owner

    Iíve just picked myself up a diesel DS3 115 and thought Iíd jump on the forums.
    Iím not sure how many people are still active on here since DS3ís have been kicking about a few years now.
    Iíve got a few plans for it including lowering springs and a remap but things might take time since Uni eats all my money, Iíll see how it goes

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    I'm active :-) Ö. on the forum at least. lol

    welcome to the Club- same model as me
    Jog on Noddy


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      Welcome along Josh_B . Looks a belter. Yep there are a few us still left on here. I have the same engine too and have had mine remapped and it's well worth it. Not sure about lowering it though. The ride is already quite "sporty" and I don't wanna smash mine up on the dozens of speed bumps around near me. Great choice of engine though. Yes.... I'm biased.
      DS3 DSport eHDi 145 - Stage 1 with K&N - Shark Grey & Infinite Blue​​​​​​


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        Thanks for the welcomes. Funky i found your build thread a while back when I was starting to think about getting a DS (had to be the 115), I wouldnít be surprised if mine ends up similar
        lowering was mostly for the looks, Iím not sure the wheels fully fill the arches. And a remap definitely seems worth it when you look at the figures, luckily my uni isnít too far from sptuning so Iíll make a visit when Iím ready.
        Itíll be a slow start though, young driver insurance is bad enough without mods