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Front side window gubber sealing , gap.

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  • Front side window gubber sealing , gap.

    Hi, folks . I just bought a brand new DS3. Not a CitroŽn, but it certainly is even if they do not admit they made it. It is an introduction vesion to Norway , full of all the gadgets.
    I see there are many DS3 īin the GB also some here with the CitroŽn badge.
    On some 3-5 year old cars I see the outer window gasket seem to crawl / sag backwards making this visible gap in rubber . I will monitor mine and see if it happens. Anyone had the same experience ?
    I love my little DS so can observe for long time.
    And as a newbe I look forewand to see you all :-)
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    welcome to the Club
    No, not experienced that sort of sagging
    Jog on Noddy


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      Good morning. It could be something in the climate in Norway or cars without ac driving with open windows most of the summer.
      Any way I just love the car and the way you in the UK love cars & car culture. I drove an Audi A2 for 12 years as member of the uk owners club.


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        Not sure what we're looking at in the pictures but my DS3 is 4 years old and it looks almost identical on those bits. The only thing I have on mine is the vinyl above the rubber is pinching slightly.
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          Hi. I have seen pinching vinyl also on cars with the gap in sealing. Today I took a firm grip on this window rubber along roof line and pulled forewords . It all moved about 2mm and the staring gap was closed . See photo from same part only from inside Click image for larger version

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