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hello and two qestions

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  • hello and two qestions

    Hi DS3 fans, bought a 2014 D sport with24.000 miles lovely car in and out and goes like rocket. no pictures as I am computer illiterate. Enough of me; I would like to find out what oil is best a 0W-30 or 5W-30? I have a heavy right foot and should I change the oil every 5000 or 10.000 with the service. Has the Cooper S got the same problem? The second question is: are cloned keys any good? I only got one key and Citroen charges way too much just the key is just under 120 and with the remote locking close to 280.

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    Hi Yianni. Welcome to the Club

    I would stay with the recommended oil from the handbook, TOTAL.
    Changing the oil, especially if you are a fast driver, is a good thing. I change oil and filter every 5k miles

    I have a spare DS3 remote key that I acquired somewhere, but it wont fit your car obvs. Find out if it is any good to you, if it can be upgraded to fit your car

    Jog on Noddy