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  • Hello DS3 owners!

    Hi all!

    I'm from south germany and I work for an e-commerce company which has a partner company
    in Cheltenham.
    Basically both belong to the same group of companies.
    Does anyone live nearby?

    I just bought a grey 2013 DS3 1.6thp even though most germans tend to hate on french cars.

    But I'm quite used to brand shaming

    My recent one was actually an alfa romeo 147 novitec with a 2.0l TS engine
    which put out around 180hp.

    Unfortunately parts of the camshaft said good bye after around 139 808 miles.
    I thought about fixing it but the car gave me enough headaches tbh.

    Our second car car is a skoda octavia rs diesel stage 2 which is driven by my girlfriend mainly.

    I have searched for tuning parts and already planned alot although I initially planned to leave it stock.

    There's alot that comes to my mind:
    Step 1:
    Painting the OEM grill black
    CSR eyelids
    ECU Tune (maybe Stage2 depending on what else has to be modded)
    Forge Blow off adapter
    Lowering it with H&R springs 35mm

    Step 2:
    Cat-Back Exhaust (any suggestions?)
    Some decals, stickers etc.
    Alutec 18" alloys (I love the monstr ones, they look like OZs')
    Upgrade Intercooler

    I also thought about retro fitting the facelift bumper and grill but
    I can't find any offers here in germany that aren't ridiculously overpriced.
    Maybe there's someone who can get their hands on one of these in the UK?

    I'm actually experienced with plasti dip and regular paintjobs so the color and some scratches wouldn't matter.
    I know that's a controversal topic but I like the new facelift look.

    Cheers, Andreas

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    Welcome! I really love the grey. Someone on here called Berch did the swap to a facelift on his grey DS3, found his on eBay I think so just keep looking! Until then, the black is very popular, especially taking it all the way to the bottom of the bumper (see my profile pic). Plastidip works alright but damages very quickly. Vinyl or paint is better. Also vinyl eyelids are good instead of the CSR ones if you can get the same colour as the body.

    With your performance mods, if I were you I would get the exhaust and intercooler before the remap to make the maximum gains. I always recommend custom exhausts but if you want premade, look up Milltek, Bastuck, Scorpion, Cobra, or Powerflow. Wide range of prices, the expensive ones having the best noises and probably best gas flow.
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      Welcome- you should get on with Cyclone on here, an American living in Germany with a French car.....
      Jog on Noddy


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        Welcome to the club
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          Hello and welcome! I had thought I felt a disturbance in the force yesterday, attributed it to a bit of intestinal gas but hay someone did use my name!
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          It is in the handbook. Satisfied.
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            Welcome to the club
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              Hello and welcome. Sounds like you are going to be busy!!!
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                Thank you!
                But have a look here: