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Carbon cleaning conundrum

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  • Carbon cleaning conundrum

    Hi all,

    Hope we're all well and not going too crazy in lockdown!

    Since I've now got a little disposable income to play with I thought I'd finally bite the bullet and get my 2011 1.6 THP engine 'de-carboned'.

    As much as I'd love to go visit Jamie at SPT for the Walnut cleaning, I don't think the 2 hour drive is covered under 'essential travel' at the moment.

    In the process of looking for local alternatives I've stumbled across and was wondering if anyone has had experience with them, since they are willing to come and do their chemical clean on my driveway. They have a YouTube video with what looks like a 1.6 THP from the engine bay and in this video they have allegedly preformed the decarboning for the manager/runner of this forum but I can't find any mention of them on here? This is the video I mentioned.

    Any thoughts or experiences you guys have would be welcome.


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    Been discussed a fair bit on here, as you may know as you've mentioned SPTuning, so feel free to have a look via search

    The only way to effectively clean the intake valves is either by dismantling and doing it manually, or the walnut blast.

    As far as I can recall anyway- having been on here a few years

    People have tried other things, but problem seems to return
    Jog on Noddy


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      Well I got it done today, there seems an improvement but as you mention I doubt its as good as the walnut blast. Once this is all over I'll try visit SPT in the future.

      Now to work out if I can justify an induction kit as a treat...


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        be interesting to see how it feels in 2k miles or so
        Jog on Noddy