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Co-Vid19 - how u getting on?

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  • Co-Vid19 - how u getting on?

    Time of posting is March 16th 2020 and WOW- this thing seems to be getting serious

    Or is it just me?

    But cant go to pubs, restaurants, theres, and no social interaction
    Borders are closing, and Airlines laying off employees left right and centre
    Financial markets crashing

    Thousands dead in Italy, and France n Germany getting worse. Its frightening.

    Apocalypse Now?

    Luckily its just wife and I in our home, although my wife works in retail and has to go in- which worries me.

    I can pretty much work from home 80% of the time at least, and my Company is encouraging home working

    We have a probably 3 weeks worth of supplies (Only 2 of us)

    How you guys n girls coping- and am I too paranoid?
    Jog on Noddy

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    Follow the money bud.

    Economic collapse is on the horizon and unlike 2008, it won't be blamed on the banks (even though it's always their fault for various reasons) it will be blamed on this 'virus'.

    A virus which has been in the making at least back in Oct 2019 (YouTube Event 201). What was going on in China just before this 'virus'? Huge scale protests. Protests that no matter what the Govt did, tear gassing and other excessive force, it did not stop people protesting. This virus is very handy as the place is now a ghost time and all is forgotten.

    More people die of "INSERT ANYTHING HERE" than this virus yet the reaction, fueled by the media, is waaaay over the top.

    Based on the job that I do, I go up and down the country and meet many people - I have asked everyone and anyone, strangers in supermarkets even - Do you know anyone who has it? The answer is always no. It only seems to exist on TV.

    Now don't get me wrong, the ramifications of this thing are real and that's the sad part. The poor are going to get hit hard and I really hope that when this finally blows over, people understand that living to your means and being material orientated puts you at risk for the next time something like this happens.

    How long will this last? Well I'd say based on this Law which was passed on the 10th of Feb 2020 - I'd say we've got two years of this nonsense.

    Give that document a read, especially sections 13, 14 and 15. These powers are only what the Govt could have dreamed of but this virus is a great excuse.


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      Originally posted by DeeKayEcks View Post
      I have asked everyone and anyone, strangers in supermarkets even - Do you know anyone who has it? The answer is always no. It only seems to exist on TV.
      That is a slant on the whole situation- and you could well be right. Conspiracy theories abound

      Do I know anyone- Yes, a good friends of mine brother in law is in an induced coma in a Dartford hospital- 48 years old
      His wife is also severely il 52 yrs old- both diagnosed as Coronavirus 3 weeks ago

      My Grandaughter has had the last week off school with something that seems Coronavirus like (Fever, cough etc) and whole family is self isolating

      Lets be honest, nature is not discriminatory, and something like this was always gonna hit the human race- they will be calling Humans the Dinosaurs next

      Jog on Noddy