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DS3 airdream roof problem.

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  • DS3 airdream roof problem.

    Hi, I have just purchased a airdream 1.6 Hdi. I it's a 13 plate car. I knew there was a problem with the roof and took a gamble as the car was really cheap. The problem is that when you press the button for the roof only the drivers side wants to go back and there is no strange noises at all. I did pull both motors off and both are turning so at a lost cause at the moment. Hopefully someone can advise me on this issue. Thanks, Rich

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    Hi Richie. Welcome to the forum. I'm guessing you have bought a cabrio as you are mentioning issues with the roof. We have a few members with cabrios, but when the roof plays up, it can be very expensive to fix if you don't have a warranty.

    There's a thread with a member DavidDS3 who has a CitroŽn Technical Service Bulletin that might help.

    If you send him a private message he may be able to send it to you. It might contain some info that will assist you more.

    Good Luck and keep us posted.

    Edit: Another thread here with some more info:

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      Hi, thanks for you message. I will contact him and go from there. I have seen a complete roof for 600 so got a option. Thanks, Rich.


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        Sorry to hear of your woes with the cabrio roof. Doesn't sound good. It would possibly suggest the problems might lay with the roof cables. These are availbale as a spare part from Citroen and are about £90. Don't have a clue how to fit them as there doesn't appear to be a repair guide on The Technical Bulletin I have is purely about lubricating the channels the roof runs in which was issued to dealers where customers complained of slow opening/closing of the roof. You are very welcome to a copy of this bulletin but I am not sure if it will be of any value. My understanding is that the motors are a master and slave which operate the cables on each side simultaneously. I have found this guy He might be worth a call. Good luck and keep us all posted


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          Hi, thank you so much for the message and ideas what to do next. I bought the ds3 with the roof problem but had it for 2000 less than market value because of the fault so dont mind spending a bit reparing it. I will keep you posted on what happens next. Thanks again, Richard.


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            Good luck with the roof Richard, please keep us informed of your progress, there ate a few of us Cabrio owners who have roof problems. Bill


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              was even considering a Cabrio- didn't know the soft tops had troubles getting open n closed
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