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Help me pick a road bike...

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  • Help me pick a road bike...

    I have it down to 2 I think now!

    I know the price is a bit different, but I'm doing the cycle to work scheme so it's about a 100 difference in the end between them.

    I think I prefer the cannondale, but it's 11kg opposed to 9kg for the Scott...

    Advice folks?

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    I would go with the Cannondale, better group set and the disk brakes will be a big + in stopping power especially when wet something that is really good to have in a commuter.
    The weight diff is not going to be that big a deal for your intended purpose. I bet you will have a backpack full of stuff anyway and it's not like your racing with it so wouldn't get to focused on that aspect.
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      Can you have look at these bikes to check the quality?
      I'm not a specialist for cannondale (I'm more into Sunn) but I've read on numerous occasions that since they outsourced a lot of their production to China the quality went down (especially at the frames).
      The current cannondales won't last as long as the US produced did.


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        Originally posted by cyclone View Post
        disk brakes will be a big + in stopping power especially when wet something that is really good to have in a commuter.
        Hugely important, i cover about 60 miles a week cycling hard, fast and aggressive in London (the only way to cycle and stay alive) and although conventional brakes are fine in the dry, the wet is a totally different kettle of fish.

        As Cyclone says the weight is of little significance for what you are doing, a lighter bike isnt always a better bike or more crucially a more stable bike.

        Be realistic whether or not you will maybe get more serious about using your bike, if so then think about how easily is it to upgrade components in the future, but as i said be realistic. I live close to the 2012 Olympic mountain bike track and every january there are scores of wealthy 30 somethings with 5000 bikes, dont see many in Feb and come March the bikes are normally on Fleebay or iun a shed gathering dust.


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          Cannondale, blue is best.
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            Hi, I asked my son, who's a bike mechanic, and he said that the only thing is the Cannondale has got cable operated disk brakes that aren't very good quaility and that if you can stretch your budget slightly take a look at:



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              @Tom, any particular reason you are going for a road bike, rather than say a cross-over which may be slightly more flexible for everyday use.

              Ive no idea what the roads are like on the routes you intend to use but in London i see a lots of road bike riders come a cropper with potholes and changing road surfaces, also road bikes are not great if maneuvering in traffic.


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                If the bike is for work might want to check this?

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                  Totally agree with comments re road surfaces - I do 70 miles a week commuting into Edinburgh and quickly learned which routes to take to avoid cobbled streets which are a nightmare on my Marin road bike - very unstable and quickly knackers the wheels!
                  Will definitely be looking at disc brakes when time comes to change bikes - the stopping difference between my Marin with standard v brakes and my wife's Whyte hybrid with disc brakes is considerable.
                  Its also worth considering what gear set up you want - the other big difference between our 2 bikes is the gear ratios - I have much more choice for hill climbs which in hilly Scotland makes a big difference!


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                    Hate driving the car round Edinburgh, never seen such bad roads.


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                      You could get a brand new Halfords gents bike, looks a bit like a mountain bike, for 80 couple month back

                      Just saying..... thought about it myself
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                        Don't make the mistake and just buy a road bike like I did 12 months ago. You can get a much more comfortable hybrid bike. I bought a Trek Emonda S4 and although it's a great bike I've really struggled with the transition from mtb to road bike. The seated position is just not natural! Also had to change the tyres quite quickly as the bontrager racers that were on it were no good in damp conditions, didn't like potholes/bumps and had an unforgiving carbon frame.

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                          Thanks for the replies guys.

                          Just to clarify one thing. I'm certainly not going to be cycling to work on this bike, or any bike. So I don't need a hybrid etc.

                          Back on the topic of the 2 bikes I posted... after speaking to lots of people the consensus seems to be that the cannondale is kind of better, it's just the mechanical disc brakes that let it down. Disc brakes are simply not needed, especially mechanical ones.

                          Looks like I'm probably going for the Scott, which has very good reviews, slightly cheaper and is still a decent spec. Leaves me with some spare cash for other bits too.

                          On another note I've had that pinnacle recommended, but didn't want to stretch quite that far tbh.


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                            Originally posted by TomTom View Post
                            Thanks for the replies guys.

                            Just to clarify one thing. I'm certainly not going to be cycling to work on this bike, or any bike.
                            So when you said ride to work scheme��


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                              Originally posted by Drummond Base View Post
                              So when you said ride to work scheme🤔
                              Well yeah you get cheaper bikes through that.

                              No one expects you to actually cycle to work, hence they don't check.

                              The government is happy because you're cycling, your employer pay less national insurance for you and you get a cheaper bike. No one cares.