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    I have recently purchased a DS3 62 plate (2012). It’s has a aux socket and cigarette charging point. I am trying to find out if I can connect my iPhone so I can make and receive calls. I have tried Bluetooth but nothing is coming up so I’m guessing it doesn’t have it. I wasn’t sure if there was a way I could do it via aux as it plays music from iPhone ok. Any help would be appreciated

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    if you have the 3.5mm Aux socket then it is highly probable you don't have a Bluetooth receiver. I think I'm correct in saying your car has an RD4 radio whereas the bluetooth variety will be an RD45. There a couple of options for you. 1) a bluetooth visor handsfree like a Parrot Minikit or 2) something like a Kinivo BTC480, which plugs into your AUX socket and your fag lighter socket. I've used both and I much preferred the latter. Another option is something like CTACTBT002 made by Connects 2. A lot pricier but integrates well. I think I've got one lurking in my garage which I removed from my own DS3 before I sold it. The only issue is it lacks the microphone which couldn't be arsed to remove!!. They are readily available for about a fiver. If you're interested let me know and we can haggle a fair price!!