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Paying for upgraded membership? Has that all finished? If so..........

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  • Paying for upgraded membership? Has that all finished? If so..........

    Am I right in thinking there is no upgrade in membership that can be paid for nowadays?

    As in Ultra Prestige and all that

    Not particularly worried other than the fact I cant edit any post, and if I misspell, or make a post that sounds like twaddle (And that does happen lol) then there is no way I can alter it?

    Also, not that Ive tried, but can you post up items for sale, cos you had to be a full member in the past to do that

    And no full members chat, or access to trader reductions

    Just wondering?
    Jog on Noddy

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    For Sale & Wanted are available for all.

    Currently I think the only "Full Member" only perks are the discounts and the Full Members chat but there haven't been any posts in there for a while.
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      Full membership was removed a while ago. Any active memberships have and will be honoured until they end.

      There isn't easy integration between the web shop and vBulletin which was making checking orders in two locations troublesome. With that in mind, full membership has since stopped though stickers and other items can still be purchased through the web shop.
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        Thanks for prompt response

        How about an edit facility for all please?
        Jog on Noddy