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DS3 2011 E-HDI progress thread / mods

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  • DS3 2011 E-HDI progress thread / mods

    Hi all,

    I've recently purchased a diesel after looking for them for a good few months.I wanted one which was not an insurance write-off (I know it makes no real difference to the car, however I already own a Cat D car and I know how badly this impacts resale value for no reason )

    Anyway, I managed to find a nice red E-HDI 61 plate not so far away.

    It was in good overall condition, however being a little bit OCD I knew I will spend a lot of time on it to make it perfect

    First thing I did was to swap over the Osram bulbs from my previous daily:

    Then it was time for a service, and once I got to the pollen filter I spotted loads uf dirt under the leaf shield, so I removed it and - quite unsurprisingly - found the drains to be completely blocked:

    After cleaning:

    (forgot take a picture with the new pollen filter in place...)

    I then fitted all of this to the car:

    Genuine oil and fuel filter, Bosch air filter, and an active carbon pollen filter.

    (The car also needed an audio stalk as the original was broken at the base, and also ordered new number plate screws. Whilst I was there I removed the Citroen garage's stickers from the plates and the from the rear screen)

    The Magnatec was on offer at Halfords for 16 quid for four litres :O so I decided I will use it for 2-3 thousand miles and I will then do an other oil change and fill it up with Mobil 1 ESP ( what I originally intended to use)

    Then I started off with the interior:






    I have noticed the carpet has a few small stains which need spot cleaning, but it was getting dark so I had to stop

    Then a few days after this turned up:

    SMEG +IV2 - head unit, screen, screen cable and buttons.

    The challenge was to then find the genuine connectors. After spending hours on the Tyco website I managed to find them and ordered all the required connectors from Mouser Electronics.

    It was time to modify the Focus Parrott link harness:

    Once I finally received the TS socket for the mono microphone I was able to finalise this harness:

    This makes a complete plug and play harness for cars which originally had the RD4 radio, making the SMEG fully functional.

    First test fit:

    You know you need to delete the previous owner's data when the contacts list has the Dijon Crematorium on the top :

    This will of course require new black dash trims, and also a new tray / console behind the lower trim (old on the left, new on the right - this is different as the button row is mounted to this piece of plastic):

    Then it was time to make the car safe for the winter, so I purchased a cheap set of wheels from a C4 Grand Picasso VTR+, and had a new set of GoodYear UltraGrip 8 tyres winter tyres fitted. The Bellones now in hibernation

    As this meant I had to get the locking wheel nut's key out from the boot I used this occasion to clean the spare wheel well, where I found the two missing pins which hold the parcel shelf's cords - bonus

    Gave the interior an other good hoovering, then spot cleaned the interior and fitted my new set of floor mats:

    I realised the boot floor's carpet was not looking too good, so it was time to work on that:


    Then a few other items have arrived - I will have the timing belt replaced as I am a bit worried it is now 8 years old - better to be safe than sorry. The car only has 68k miles, so that is still far from the replacement interval.

    This morning I changed the gearbox oil, using genuine oil from Citroen:

    I then removed even more bits from the interior and hardwired my dash cam, removed the insurance tracker from the car, fitted the GPS antenna and the microphone for the new head unit:

    (please ignore the awful rubber mat - I put these back on the top of the new mats to preserve them in this snowy / wet weather - but I will still buy a new set soon)

    Whilst the centre console was out I use this opportunity to clean the area between the seats:


    Well, this is it for now. There are going to be a few updates soon

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    I am not sure how to edit my post as I managed to mix up a before / after picture - when I cleaned between the seats. Still, not a big issue, I am sure you will know which one is which


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      Great work on bring the car back up to standard and the mods to get the SMEG working. Love that you used the correct connectors and didn't butcher the harness like most would have.

      Mine had the RD4 in to, I upgraded it to the RD45 with the HIFI pack. I also added the mic and swapped out the to monochrome C display.

      What other modifications are on the cards?

      I would recommend swapping out the Dstyle seats to the Dsport ones or even 207 GTI ones. I couldn't get on with how soft and lack of support I had with the originals.


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        Very nice you've worked hard

        Not sure I agree with your observation on price affecting resale of Cat Ds

        Ive no problem with Cat D's, I looked at getting one- but you just never know how much of an incident the vehicle has been in, and total extent of damage

        Seen a few cars "Only had a scratch on the wheel and small dent on the car"
        Yeah right- so what else could be busted underneath??

        Just my opinion obvs
        Jog on Noddy


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          Wow!! Welcome to the club and forum VTS_Tibi. You've been very busy and excellent work so far and a belting first post. I agree with DeeTurbo, the DSport seats are much better. I've test drove the DStyle before I got my DSport and the difference is massive. The DSport seats are far far more supportive. The 207 GTi seats are also brilliant (if you can find some) and are a straight swap.
          DS3 DSport eHDi 145 - Stage 1 with K&N - Shark Grey & Infinite Blue​​​​​​


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            Thanks guys

            To be fair I am not thinking about seats at the moment. I know they would be awsome, but I already have an RCZ for sportiness

            I want to keep the DS3 fairly standard so when time comes to sell it I would not need to do a lot of work to revert the car back to stanard - with the SMEG I have already failed here

            So due to this mods list is quite short:

            - stickers (like on the racing)
            - C5 genuine short aerial
            - DSport pedals
            - maybe Eibach springs
            - painted calipers / hubs

            And of course lot of cleaning and detailing.

            Talking about pedals - are the cheap chinese pedals which look just like the DSport pedals a direct fit? - like these:



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              So a quick update...

              I was busy working on the DS3 in the last couple of weeks due two things:

              - wanted to finish the sat nav retrofit and the microphone just did not want to work
              - wanted to find the source of a noise

              First of all the microphone... Well for some reason I decided surely a microphone is a microphone and did not buy the genuine unite and wired in an aftermarket hands-free mic. This did work, however was so low on volume it was just about useless. I then got an other (different type) - which was just as bad... So at the end I decided to buy a genuine mic and hey it works as it should... Facepalm moment


              There has been a plastic rattling type noise from the front for a while now and I wanted to find out where it is coming from. I have found several things which could make noises and one by one I eliminated all of those. This was a very long process and I am sure my neighbours think I am absolute mad to spend my weekends under the car

              Not a lot to show here, but I can tell that the front end is now silent. To the point it is a bit strange.

              Whilst I had the arch liner and both undertrays out to deal with noises, I cleaned the wheel arch and the arch liner itself too:

              Then the car went in for timing belt replacement. It was very good to see the items which were fitted by the factory were of the same make as the ones I purchased.

              Water pump - Pierburg:

              Timing belt - Gates:

              Timing belt idler and tensioner pulleys - part of the Gates kit with INA bearings:

              Auxiliary belt tensioner - Gates:

              Forgot to take a picture of the old aux belt - now it has a new Bosch part.
              It also had new coolant of course.

              I then started the detailing bit, first washing the car and then getting rid of the millions of tar spots it had accumulated over the years:

              This does not look too bad actually, however there was tar on every panel and it was nearly impossible to get the spots off as they were not fresh. However I did manage it at the end. With a quick wash afterwards and a layer of QD (Bouncer's Done and Dusted / Sonax BSD hybrid) I achieved the following:

              I also cleaned the door shuts, however no picture of those as I had to jump in the car striaght after.

              Plan is to carry on with the decontamination, next time with fallout remover and clay mitt, making it ready for the polishing stage which it really needs


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                Brilliant work VTS_Tibi and I'm loving your attention to detail and thoroughness. Your DS3 looks awesome. Top Job!
                DS3 DSport eHDi 145 - Stage 1 with K&N - Shark Grey & Infinite Blue​​​​​​