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    Great work Tom!! Is that a Mini engine you've got to replace it. Which model is it?
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      you certainly look like someone on a mission- forged stuff?
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        Yes funky, the engine is from a R56 cooper s, they use the EP6DTS (same engine as the DS3 racing and the 207 GTI).

        Chris, my aim is to go for a bit more power but be reliable. As piston failure is so common on these engines I am 100% going forged.


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          Looks good, enjoying the really clear writeup with pics at every stage
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            This week I have been rebuilding the cylinder head.
            The valves have been lapped in and new stem seals were fitted.

            IMG_0128 by Tom Mann, on Flickr

            IMG_0129 by Tom Mann, on Flickr

            IMG_0130 by Tom Mann, on Flickr


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              This week, I have also found the time to strip the replacement engine ready for the arrival of the new parts.
              I noticed that the mini engine does not have an oil level sensor, in its place is a blank with a hex head.
              You can see this in the middle at the back of the engine block. The blank will be removed and replaced with the oil level senor.

              The bores have been measured, they are exactly 77.00mm, this is the standard bore.
              I can now order the forged pistons.
              I have decided not to go for aftermarket forged rods. After doing some research, I found out that the standard rods share the same part number as the RCZ R.
              The RCZ R is 270hp so the standards rods will be more than capable for this build.

              The workshop manual offers some interesting information about the standard rods, it states 'sectile conrods in forged steel'
              This information gives me the confidence to rebuild the block using the standard rods.

              IMG_0124 by Tom Mann, on Flickr

              IMG_0125 by Tom Mann, on Flickr

              IMG_0133 by Tom Mann, on Flickr