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    Wow that IS a bright boot light!! Love it!! Great work on what you have done so far. It's clear you have a good technical knowledge on how to fix and improve things. Look forward to the next update.
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      Originally posted by Funky View Post
      Wow that IS a bright boot light!! Love it!! Great work on what you have done so far. It's clear you have a good technical knowledge on how to fix and improve things. Look forward to the next update.
      Thank you.

      It's been a busy weekend, Saturday morning I had work till 3pm after that I drove four hours to collect some goodies for the DS3. I didn't get back home till 10 that night.

      This morning I drove two hours to collect some alloys from Jez.

      When I got back I gave the car a quick wash then gave the new seats and alloys a clean.

      There was a lot of brown stuff on the inside of one of the wheels. I got as much off as I could but there was still a bit left that I couldn't get off.

      As I removed the old seats I gave the carpets a good clean while I had access.

      The new seats fitted.

      Next I removed the dash panel to swap out the display panel.

      I was still getting the vibration from somewhere in the centre of the dash. I removed the vent flaps and applied a little grease on the pivots in hope that if it's them vibrating in there the grease will dampen the movement.

      The new panel fitted and dash back together.

      The first alloy on.

      I do like the new alloys but I sort of miss the slight silver of the diamond cut parts.

      I was thinking of swapping the black wing mirrors to the chrome ones but not sure now as the back ones go really well with the alloys.

      I've also got lots of the Hifi bits that I might try and fit but I need to find out more information on it all. I might try and wire it up outside the car and take it from there. I've got access to the wiring diagram so that'll help getting it connected up I just hope it powers up without needing to be connected to the BSI.

      Lots of bit's still to fit.

      The car feels so much better to drive with the new seats and so much more comfortable. The lighter alloys also feel a little better through the car. They are ET15 so are sticking out 10mm more over the Bellones and that'll mean the track of the car will be 20mm more. Not sure how that'll effect the rest of the suspension setup. I'd like to lower the car to but we'll see.

      I'm still getting that vibration through the centre of the dash so that needs more investigation.

      Easter weekend is normally the time I get the most done on my projects but this year I'll be going to visit family so will have to miss out playing on the car.


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        Wheels look great......I am glad you got them on as they really do add to the great look of the DS3.



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          Thanks Jez, I'm in two minds on them. I miss the bit of silver of the Bellones.

          The do look good but not sure they are to my taste. It's great that they're ET15 as they can go on my 306 without spacers.

          In other news the seats have transformed the car completely. I've just realised the feel from the car I was missing was through the seats. The Dsport ones are a lot more firm, a lot more support on the sides and are angled, sloping back slightly that make the driving position amazing.

          I actually look forward to driving the car now.

          At lunch time I plugged in Lexia to configure the display. Since swapping the display strangely the start stop has stopped working. I've noticed in the BSI it says it's now deactivated but I need the "sales code" to change it. I've been able to change the other settings in the display.

          I'm not sure if it's an issue or not but the current MPG doesn't stay on the screen like it used to on the old Monochrome A.


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            The DSport seats do make a massive difference. I test drove DStyle and DSign models before I bought mine and the seats are the most supportive and comfortable I've sat in by far. Glad you're now enjoying your DS3 more. A lot of effort so far and I'm impressed with what you have done. Top job.

            I'm with you on wheels too. Jez's alloys look great but for me, I prefer a bit of silver to go with the black and so the Bellones are spot on for me. That's just my personal preference though.
            DS3 DSport eHDi 145 - Stage 1 with K&N - Shark Grey & Infinite Blue​​​​​​


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              Great write up so far, lots of good information. Will be interested to see what other changes you make
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                Thank you for your nice comments

                At lunchtime I thought I'd install the RD45 headunit and update the display to show when the reverse sensors on screen.

                Old unit it coming out.

                New unit going in.

                Now the problems start.

                My version of Lexia is a bit on the old side. I've not updated since I got it in 2011 and my Diagbox is at V5.02 and I think V8 is out now.

                The head unit works a treat and connects to my phone, streams music from it and show track name but sadly because I can't connect to it through Lexia I can't update the VIN so I get a constant beeping.

                Bit of a pointless feature but thought I'd activate it, as if who looks at the screen when reversing?

                Any idea on if I can just update my software on Diagbox or would I need to replace my lexia cable with the Rev C type before I can code the RD45?


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                  Just thought I'd pop up the wiring diagram of the Hifi system.

                  The car I got it from had the telemetric box that connects to the sos buttons, I didn't bother removing them and couldn't find the box at the time but if anyone does want it you will will find it behind the vent pipe work behind the glove box.

                  The first diagram is of the way it was wired in the donner car.

                  The second is how I'll have it in mine, without the telemetric box and sos buttons.

                  It looks like I'm going to have to open up my lexia module to see its a full chipset version if not I'll have to buy a new better version and install the newer version of the software. It's a shame as this one had served me well on my 306.


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                    Can you talk me through how you adjusted the top mounts? And what is the torque for the top nut...?

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                      I've sent you a PM.


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                        Just seen your thread - quite similar to what I am doing to mine actually

                        With regards to the dashboard rattle - have you ever found this? Mine just recently developed a very annoying rattle, and after literally hours of hunting I managed to find out it comes from the gear cables, through the gear selector and up to the gear stick... If I move the gear stick to the far right or far left it changes the fequency... Not yet managed to find of what is the actual cause.

                        Last night I was under the car checking the gear selector cables and seen the exhaust mount broken as yours and thought - what if I would drill through it and use a clamp? It should hold for a few months - and I see your thread where you did just that

                        Regarding your Lexia - I have a very good and stable version of Lexia / PP2000 - as far as I know the last version before Diagbox. Send me a PM and I will share that with you I also have Diagbox 7.65, but as you said that requires a reflashed interface (I believe 5.29 is the limit for the old type interface)


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                          Yes, the rattle is coming from the "hood" of the instrument cluster. Annoyingly the dash needs to come out and the screws need tightening up. At the moment I've a rag jammed in the space to stop the movement there.

                          I could really do with updating the thread as I've done a few things last year but never found the motivation.

                          I did a oil and filter change a few weeks back and I was surprised to see the hose clamp around the exhaust was still holding strong. I thought after installing it I should have filed a flat where the strap of the clamp went through to stop it failing. I should have welded it by now really.

                          I hate selector cables, they just take the fun out of changing gear, all the positive feel is gone. I'm hoping to buy a short shift kit in the next couple of weeks as I feel the through is far too long. I think my cables were fine noise wise.

                          I've bought a more up to date version of Lexia and the cable and it all seems to run fine and works on my old W7 machine which is a bit quicker.