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    Wow huge power! Very nice smooth power curve too.
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      Did you have a look at the denso spark plugs? My 150 runs a little cooler on them, they seem like a great fit.
      The clutch isn't going to make a big diffrence is my opinion. Mine was fitted with a sachs (30+%) and replaced it with a luk and drives better now. The sachs was gone after 35k (previous owner, + bad clutch release bearing). As far as i can remember there isn't a diffrence between the rcz clutch and the ds3 thp one.


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        V3nn3tj3, i have a set of mitsubishi evolution spark plugs (same specification, but 1 degree cooler) but my sparkplugs are new and there was no misfires on the dino day. thousands of run and every thing was ok. My car was with 20.000km and changing gears fast, the clutch was slipping. The rcz have more load on Plato ( i couldnt rembember the name in english) The is no real gain with this clutch, but i no more loosing power to the wheels


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          New downpipe ad catback on 3" and Dv forge (for shure te best on the market for thp) and another run on dino.

          Click image for larger version

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