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DS3 1.6 E-hdi gear oil and PSF

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  • DS3 1.6 E-hdi gear oil and PSF

    Hiya guys,

    I wanted to find out if gear oil should be changed in ds3. According to citroen it never has to be changed but everywhere else it says it's good idea to do it. I have the 2014 citroen ds3 diesel with 92hp that has just hit 102k. I have noticed that the coolant is black and the last proper service was done at around 55k. So I decided I will change everything along with brake fluid. If it needs to be done is this the right one ? Also how should it be changed? Apparently underneath there should be a spot to drain it and people recommend to use the same hole for refilling is that the right way? Also where is the Power steering fluid located and is it worth to replace that as well or just top-up if needed?


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    No power steering fluid as its electric assisted.
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      If it hasn't had a service in over for nearly 50k miles, I'd be getting it into a decent garage for a proper full service, that way they can advise what fluids need replacing (I would imagine ALL of everything does) but your coolant should definitely not be black.
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        Yeah I want to change everything, I have acquired everything I need except the gear oil as I am not sure which one + it's a weird one, some people say it needs to be changed however citroen says it's for lifetime so not sure here? Anyone changed gear oil?


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          Not me personally. Not sure if this will help. Have a read of the last entry in BigFeets Repository under Gearbox data. There's a pdf to download. Might be worth a shot.

          Looking around on the forum it might be either Esso or Total BV 75W80, but unsure if that's right.

          There's another forum thread here with a link in the last post to help with how to do it.

          Hope this helps.
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