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DS3 1.6HDi Clutch Beeding

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  • DS3 1.6HDi Clutch Beeding

    I have replaced the Internal Clutch Bearing/Slave cylinder on my DS3 1.6 HDi 2012
    Iím struggling to obtain a Clutch Pedal? Does anyone or has anyone know the procedure for bleeding this type of clutch? Iíve tried everything I can think of but I canít get any fluid from the bleed nipple! The Slave cylinder is part of the clutch Bearing. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi,how did you bleed at the end?


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      I just done mine. Use a pressure bleeder if you can get one. Fill the brake/clutch reservoir to the top and attach pressure bleeder. Once you pressurise the system it’s just a case of opening the bleed screw until all the air is expelled. You might have to press the clutch pedal to get the air out of the master cylinder. Just make sure the reservoir stays full or you will get air into the clutch line.