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complete dashboard removal, help!!!

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  • complete dashboard removal, help!!!


    im doing a repair on my ds3 that includes changing the airbags and dashboard,
    i removed all i could but its still not coming loose, the bottom one gives a bit but the rear upper side wont move.
    anyone any expierience with this...?
    my saxo had connections in the engine bay at the window, but i cant see anything with the ds3

    any help is welcome!!

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    oh never mind it worked itself out
    if anyone has questions on how to, just ask



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      Hope the damage to the car wasn't to bad. Must have been a big impact for to airbags to deploy?


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        Yeah pretty big hit..
        Even the front frame took a hit, someone is going to see if they can straighten it out.
        Mechanical seems ok, front is all gone ofc, radiator and all the plastics.
        But overal its pretty ok, except for the airbag and dash, even the window is broken from the airbag... Dont know if that is supposed to happen..

        Ill add some pictures
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          this was before the crash Click image for larger version

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            Ouch I really feel your pain there, especially as you made it look so good before the crash

            Hope you can get it back to glory soon!
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              Jez, that's sick


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                Wow it looked great before. I've had a car written off with less damage than that (apparently if two or more airbags go off the insurance companies aren't interested in repairing, even on a car 12m old).

                Good luck with getting it roadworthy again


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                  Hi, really sorry for what happend! Don't know where you're from but i see your also from belgium. If you need an extra pair of hand i'm happy to help. I'm a bit of a ds3 wizard in my area.
                  I do have some spare parts laying around if you need some. Also I just boughed a pair of xenon headlights in poland (there so good over there) and will recieve them in the next 2 weeks. If you need a pair of lights for example!


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                    OUCH!! That's a big hit and she looked amazing before! Hope you get it restored to its former condition, coz it was a belter
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                      Flasher, can You help me? I have the same problem with dashboard. Everything which i saw, i unscrewed and its still stuck. I am on the same part of dashboard removal like your photos. Please help me


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                        Hi, I need too help with dashboard in my ds3, if you have any tutorial how to remove panel with passenger air bag please let me know.