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Upgrading to 7" touchscreen

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  • Upgrading to 7" touchscreen

    If I currently have the crappy monochrome A screen and head unit, I want to know what I need to buy to update to the 7" touchscreen system. Probably the RNEG one since it seems less complicated. So far I have speculatively bought the dash with the 7" hole.

    The more I research, the more questions are thrown up. I've read through the HiFi system retrofit guide. Can I buy the lcd and head unit completely separately and expect them to play together? Some sales on ebay suggest that they'll need to be coded to my car's VIN? And then there's wiring loom to contend with
    Hi, Has anyone retro fitted the Hifi system in to their car before? I've been lucky enough to get most the bits like the sub,amp, centre speaker and

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    This has been asked a few times:

    Can you do it? Yes, with time and money anything is possible. Will you want to pay the money? Probably not.

    From what I recall, itís expensive to get the parts and youíll need to have it coded to the ECU. Most people will go for an aftermarket stereo, you can get a touch screen double din stereo for a few hundred and the Connects 2 kit for around £150 IIRC.
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      As much as I appreciate all input, and I don't want to rile up someone who is clearly a very helpful and knowledgeable member of the haven't really said much there, and I didn't ask if it was possible. I mean as little offence as possible there

      I only asked if you can buy the lcd screen and the head unit from different sources and expect them to work together, as an opener.
      There seem to be 2-3 different lcd screens (by part number), does anyone know which part number goes with the RNEG head unit?
      Has anyone put a 3rd party 7" screen in the 7" dash before?

      I took off the dash and had a look at the space where the 7" screen would go, it's very shallow without taking a rotary tool to some of the underlying plastic. Then once you get through that, you've got about 140mm - 150mm before you hit a pretty meaty looking horizontal tube of metal that you obviously don't want to disturb.

      I already have a single-din Sony head unit, and the connects2 gubbins. So the Sony head unit I was hoping to buy, the XAV-AX100 below, doesn't look like it would fit. It is 161.5mm deep.

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        No offence taken, itís a question thatís been asked a lot and a lot of people are put off by the expense.

        As far as Iím aware if you buy all the right parts and get it coded to your car, it can be done. I donít know any part numbers though, sorry.

        You canít fit a standard double din headunit in the place of the OEM screen because there isnít space behind to fit it. The only option for fitting the double din (like the Sony you mentioned) is below the AC controls.

        Saying that I think there is an Android head unit that can replace the OEM screen but Iíve only seen it on eBay and shipping from China or Hong Kong. Iím not aware of anyone who has risked buying it though.
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