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  • Hifi system retro fit


    Has anyone retro fitted the Hifi system in to their car before?

    I've been lucky enough to get most the bits like the sub,amp, centre speaker and headunit.

    It wasn't possible to get the whole loom but have the plugs with enough cable to wire in my own.

    Does anyone have any technical data on the system and is it worth it?

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    Beware, if you have a smeg or rneg or a regular rt4. All the connections are different. Blew a smeg like that...


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      Thank you for the heads up.

      I think I've got a basic RD4 unit in the car at the moment. I'll need to check what I've got from the donor car.


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        I've had a look in to this some more and it seems that the head unit from the donor car is a RD45. The bluetooth, USB modules are built in and the wiring is the same so far.

        The amp on the sub taps off all the channels from the head unit, I originally thought the head unit sent audio signal to that amp and power all the speakers but this is not the case.

        The amp in the back only powers the centre speaker and the sub.

        Hopefully dropping the RD45 in tomorrow.

        I've read that the RD45 might be able to be configured to send out a pre amplified signal, that would be awesome if that's true.

        Cars with the Hifi loom in the car are lucky as the speaker wires all go to the rear so you could easily amp them and use the original cable for an easy install.


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          I've installed the RD45 but have hit a snag.

          The lexia cable and my software are too old and won't access the radio to code the vin and I can't see any configuration settings in it at the moment.

          I've ordered a newer full chipset cable so hopefully get back on track.

          The donor car had a telemetric box that connects to the sos and other button under the radio. I didn't get these as I couldn't find the telemetric box and I wasn't bothered about the two buttons.

          The telemetric box is hidden behind the vent pipe behind the glove box, if anyone needs to find it.

          Here are the wiring diagrams. The first is for the system out the donor car and the second is how I'll have it in my car.


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            Forgot to post the attachments.

            With Telemetrics


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              Without telemetric