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Fitted and hard wired a dashcam but I can't find a switched fuse.......

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  • Fitted and hard wired a dashcam but I can't find a switched fuse.......


    New owner of a 2013 1.6 HDI and my first post so hello.

    I fitted and hard wired a dashcam today but it seems no matter which fuse I use the thing is always powered and won't switch on/off with the ignition.

    I have tried:
    F5 (30A) Electric windows panel (excluding drivers window motor)
    F8 (20A) Audio system etc
    F12 (15A) Rain/brightness sensor
    F9 (30a) 12v Socket

    All of the above still supply power to the dashcam when the ignition is off and the key is removed.

    I tried the lighter socket plug that came with the dascam and that works as expected, its shuts down with the ignition off and comes back on when ignition is on.

    It's not such a big deal as the hard wire kit is supposed to hae a voltage cut off that stops it draining your battery too much but I think I'd prefer it to go off when I leave the car. Do you think it might be the hardwire kit or have I just not picked the correct fuse to piggyback?

    Thanks, Andy

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    Wish I could help, but the dashcams Ive had turned themselves off after a minute or 2, unless the car is knocked.

    Welcome to the Club, anyway
    Jog on Noddy


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      im out of ideas. Had a multimeter on different fuses today and they’re not showing any current when the ignition is on or off, I’ve tested the multimeter as well and it works fine.

      I can’t understand why it works as expected when it’s plugged directly into the 12v socket directly but not when it’s piggybacked off the 12v socket fuse port.


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        personally I would use an "always live" input anyway, depending on dash cam type
        Jog on Noddy