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1.6 thp 150bhp

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  • 1.6 thp 150bhp

    Hi all, this has probably been covered numerous times in one way or another I've got the chance at a ds3 1.6thp 150bhp, its had a new engine around 3k ago. My question is, will the new engine be more reliable than the last one? I've read a lot of horror stories about them but with it having a new engine I'm hopeful it will be fine. Looking at the car it's been owned by someone off of here it has the club stickers on it.

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    the newer the engine, the less issues you should have

    Depends also how many miles its done

    GDI engines can be temperemental
    Jog on Noddy


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      I could depend in what ‘new’ means! If its a complete replacement of the short engine plus cylinder head by Citroen then it should be a good bet with potential problems limited to Injectors etc.... ask to see the invoice/details of what has been done. I love my thp155 but as Chris says its a complex motor.