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P0087 Code on 13 plate Airdream HDi

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  • P0087 Code on 13 plate Airdream HDi

    Looks like I might need a new hpfp. Threw a EML and went into limp mode with the traction control light on too. I have an old code reader so plugged it in and it was a P0087 code.

    Reset it and it has worked fine for almost a month with using it daily. It has just done it again.

    Wondering whether to check filter or just go for the HPFP. It's a 13 plate Airdream HDi 1.6 110.

    Any advice?

    The fuel pumps seem expensive for a 2013 and are they run off the timing belt?

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    Was it running low on fuel when it came back on again?


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      It had nearly a quarter of a tank.

      Do you think it is sucking a bit of air in or something?


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        Just been out in it. Just below quarter of a tank. Put my foot down and warning came back on.

        Drive to fuel station. Filled it up. Rest code as I had me reader with me.

        Tootled back and when nearly home put my foot down. Felt a lot of hesitancy when accelerating hard. Backed off before waring appeared. Tried it again and same but warning light with EML. Flashes up ESP warning etc.

        I can't beileve that a fuel pump only lasts 55k and looking where it is, I think this is going to cost me a bucket load.

        I still think I might try fuel filter first but it was changed in May


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          I’d try the cheap option first - also see if the MAF is ok (I’m assuming every car has one)


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            Changed fuel filter.

            Seems to have cured it.