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Sent hundreds ona woowing noice that the garage still not fixed..

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  • Sent hundreds ona woowing noice that the garage still not fixed..

    Hi Guys and gals, I hope someone can help me, or maybe someone has had a simular noise in there DS3.

    So when I drive along I hear a rotary noice, almost a slight grind, but hard to tell due to tyre noise, it is deffinently metal to metal and seems to go to the speed of the car. I have had it in the garage 3 times. The first time he said it was the front wheel bearings, so he replaced those and a wishbone and give me two new tyres for the grand some of 460, thought my tryes where getting close to the wire lol...but thaat dod not solve the issue so 2 days later I took it back and we went for a spin and again the noise was there again, thought we thought it was coming from the back again check for bearings but changed the brake caliper and new discs...thought everything was sorted as we thought the disc edge was rubbing against 2 thin piece of metal in the caliper as is was worn now... took it for a test around the local estate...seem it has gone...another 120 for that...I then took it another garage to get my wheel realined , so i ask the guy to take for a spin and again he her the noise but thought it was coming from the driving home today and again hear the noice almost like a bearing...but not 100 i have had this noice for almost 3-4 weeks and i am sure I am going to get a nasty suprise soon...oh and the garage said that i have a high pitchs noise coming from the engin too when i change gear and or driveing which could mean the diff is I am alll ears on suggestions I am putting this in to another garage locally to see what he come up with, because this is now starting to make me nervous especially when i have my kids in the car...

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    that was meant to say spent hundereds on a woowing noise haha... sorry heads doing 50 things just now,..


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      I would've said wheel bearings, or maybe brake discs rubbing on the calipers. Does your DS3 get used daily? Have you tried some hard breaking to see if it quietens it?
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