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Cruise Control faulty or?

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  • Cruise Control faulty or?

    Hello everyone,

    I have this DS3 from 2015-2016 diesel 99hp.
    when I drive on the highway and want to use cruise control,
    and let's say I drive 80 and have set the cruise control to 110.
    Then I press cruise control and it drives up to the speed i set, everytime.
    But when I press it again and let's say now I'm driving 95 out of the 110 now, then instead of stopping cruise control, then it accelerates twice as fast,
    like smashing the foot down on the throttle ..
    And even when its 110 and i press it again it still accelerates a bit even when its allready on its set.
    I have no idea whats wrong :/

    hope it makes sence, english is not my strongest site