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EML and Low oil pressure light comes on

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  • EML and Low oil pressure light comes on

    Hi my daughter has a DS3 which is a 2013 plate, 1.6 cc petrol engine. Both the EML and low oil pressure light have come on. She has taken it to a garage who have done a diagnosis check,which came back with 9 fault codes. They said they can't do anything as there are too many faults for them to deal with. Can anyone recommend a garage in Oxfordshire which has experience of repairing DS3's? She bought the car on finance, so she will have to keep paying for it even if it's off the road. Thanks

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    i would buy a Foxwell code reader from Amazon. It plugs into the car and can give you the codes. Then you could google each and fix them yourself or tackle one at a time.

    Garages will Iíll charge you every time you plug it in.
    The foxwell code reader (orange will let you clear some codes also. Not fix the issue.

    when you have the codes, research them. They could be all linked or separate codes.

    some codes can be permanent such as possible fail and some are pending meaning itís been an issue once but not enough to trigger a warning light. These can disappear.

    Once you know the issues and codes itís far easier to obtain the possible costs.

    sorry donít live in the area so canít recommend anyone.


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      I found that local garages take fright when confronted with a bunch of codes so I bought my own scanner and, as suggested above, read them and researched them on line. There are some levels of codes that can only be read with the PSA Digibox or whatever it's called

      Google "Citroen specialist garage Oxfordshire" and you should find someone.

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