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Puretech Cold start up rattle/tappy

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  • Puretech Cold start up rattle/tappy

    hi all

    REF: Puretech 1.2 110. 2015, Ds3 DStyle Nav, 23k, full history and oil level is full.

    Every morning when the engine is cold after overnight park and in the Aug/sept 15 degree night temps.

    The car sounds terrible with a rattle and tappy like a diesel but worse. I know itís not the rattle of death as thatís the 1.6 THP engine I had in my old Mini.

    i have only had the car a week and have asked the garage and the car is under 2 years warranty so not a major issue.

    When its warm around 2-4 mins later it sounds like the normal 3 cylinder growl and drive superb!

    i went to listen to my Dadís Crossland x Vauxhallís that has the same engine from The Peugeot Group as his is. 19 plate brand new. However on cold startup his sounds fine.

    So I have asked the garage as they had the car for niggles for two days to listen to it on cold start up and they say itís fine, but itís a ford garage not a Citroen garage. (Normal sounds till the oil reaches the top!)

    ANY others with this? Is it normal?

    I WILL ask the garage again to ask a DS dealer about it.

    However if if I am still unsure it might make me feel ok about it if others with the same engine have the same noises.