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Buying a DS3 1.6 THP

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  • Buying a DS3 1.6 THP

    HI all first time poster, I'm looking for some advice, I'm test driving a DS3 1.6 THP 13 plate 36,000 miles, on Saturday and have been reading a lot about the Carbon build up issue.
    Not having driven anything much other than my 1.8 Civic for 10 years, i'm not sure id be able to tell if the engine was affected by the build up. Any tips for to tell other than tying to knock the price down by 300 quid to cover myself in case it needs blasting, or suggestions on what else specifically DS3 to look out for? Thanks

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    Not felt it on my ~18k miles 65 plate, yet. So without knowing what the hesitations feel like. You could straight up ask if it has had the recommended 20k valve blast? Depending on the answer, and the seller you then have the option of trying to negotiate that out of the price.